#IAmVoting Because #MyLifeMatters

Published On November 4, 2016 | By Raphael Baker | Power
Back in August, we published a press release about Hawk Newsome, President of Black Lives Matter NY. He has spearheaded a campaign called “#IAintVoting #Until #BlackLivesMatter”. This movement encourages people of color to withhold our votes because “African-Americans should not be throwing their votes away on candidates that bring a track record of nothingness to our community.” He also believes that America deserves Trump. This way of thinking has picked up a little steam, and a couple of well-known people such as Nick Cannon have jumped on the bandwagon.
Hawk is telling us not to vote, but in March of this year, via social media, he stated, “Remember that people died for your right to vote for anyone and everyone you deem fit.” In the same month, he passionately exclaimed, “At what point do we get real! At what point do we unite and stand behind Hillary Clinton? We need a united Democratic party! Continuing to divide will hurt us down the road!” Then, a month later he claimed he was “feeling the Bern” and lent his endorsement to Bernie Sanders.
Hawk is no stranger to politics. In 2013, he ran for City Council in the Bronx’s District 16 using the name Walter Newsome. He only received 2.9% of the votes (389 votes to be exact). RECEIPT
Some may see Hawk as a visionary or a revolutionary, but I believe he’s just an opportunist. Based on his flip-flopping, I honestly believe that his viewpoints are formed by whatever can get him the most attention. It appears as if he’ll sell his soul for five seconds on TV or a selfie with a celebrity.
Sitting this election out is not just stupid- it is life-threatening. The next President will appoint at least one Supreme Court Justice during his/her term. What will happen if we get another Scalia on the bench? What if we get two or three? All of the progress in the country will be erased and many of the rights you enjoy will be stripped away. People will lose healthcare coverage, they won’t be able to marry who they want to marry and they definitely won’t be able to choose what to do with their own bodies.
If your vote didn’t matter, why do you think that Black people and women didn’t have the right to vote? Why do you think that to this day there is still voter suppression and voter intimidation? There is power in voting, and the climate of this great nation is determined by how you vote.
Don’t be a spectator and allow others to make decisions that govern your life. Do your research on each candidate and review their stances and voting records. Vote in national elections. Vote in local elections. Vote for the next President. Vote for your City Council members. Vote for your next Senators and Congressmen. You have the opportunity to keep America great, or to have it go straight to hell. Choose wisely, but by all means, CHOOSE! At the end of the day, #IAmVoting #Because #MyLifeMatters.
Note: We reached out to Hawk Newsome for comments, but have not received a reply.



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