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Published On December 25, 2017 | By Raphael Baker | Entertainment
After the underwhelming season of “Love & Hip Hop: New York”, VH1 moves the franchise to the Magic City – Miami. The baddest bitch Trina leads the cast, with other recognizable names like Trick Daddy and Pretty Ricky (who look a lot like SWV these days). Another recognizable name is the queen of dining and dashing- Shay “Buckeey” Johnson. I’m sure you remember her from the incident where she skipped out on her dinner bill and left Momma Dee to pick up the tab in Milwaukee. We all know that Shay will do anything for some shine – let’s not forget she used to slob on Flava Flav. Yuck. I love Trina and the 305, so I’ll be watching.The long-awaited “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” premieres January 1st at 9pm.
Trick Daddy reminds those who think they know Miami that they have no clue how trill the 305 really is. The Baddest Trina is working on a new album with Trick called TNT. In doing radio interviews to promote the music, this iconic duo is immediately hit with the question, “have you two ever smashed?” to which they both shut down with the quickness. Any “Nann” fan knows that they have always been just friends. Trina’s cousin Joy Young is Trick Daddy’s wife and while he wants her to stay in their relationship, she wants out. It looks like Trina will find herself in the middle of this divorce.
Latina sensation Amara La Negra is ready to crossover into the American market. By linking producer Young Hollywood, Amara hopes to achieve full stardom in the states. A big problem arises though he when he suggests she lose the fro because to him, it isn’t elegant. She is and always has been an Afro-Latina, why should she have to change her appearance?
She confides in fellow songstress Veronica Vega but it looks like she’s vibing out with the man trying to change Amara’s appearance. They go from being close to cursing one another out to finally nearing blows over what appears to be disloyalty.
Gunplay is ready for a musical comeback and it’s about damn time. He’s dating a little baddie named Keyara who he promises to remain faithful too. That may be hard considering he’s definitely flirting with a stripper. When he begins to feel overwhelmed, he finds himself battling demons which apparently gets the better of him.
Prince the promoter is wildin’ for respect and feels DJ Michelle Pooch is his only competition. Celebrity stylist Jojo Zarur is dealing with some real family issues where her mother wants her to testify against her father. This is a difficult decision seeing as how her father wants her to be his heiress.
Shay Johnson is back ready to find love again and this time she is dating Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky. The group is also looking to revive their careers but Shay isn’t ready for their reunion. When one of the members of Pretty Ricky calls Shay a “ho” all gloves are off and she goes in on the other members. The gag is though that Pleasure P has someone else grindin’ on him. The young woman gets into it with Shay and the argument is escalated when Shay douses homegirl with a cup of water.
Trina’s other cousin, Bobby Lytes, may not have full career support from his family but his boyfriend Jeffrey has always been there. Their relationship seems sweet until Jeffrey is seen planning forever with another guy, laying the foundation for a very messy situation. Yep, paws are thrown honey and it does not look like it ends well. | FACEBOOK: LoveAndHipHop | TWITTER: VH1 | IG: VH1


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