Less Announcements, More Work

Published On January 29, 2018 | By Raphael Baker | Power
My social media timelines are often flood with announcements. “I’m working on a book that’s coming out in two months!” “My website is launching next week!” “I am trying to get on Shark Tank!” Since I’m not a hater, I get excited for the announcers. I eagerly anticipate their book, website, TV gig…and more often than not, I’m disappointed. Their announcements never manifest into anything tangible.
Trust me, I understand your excitement. It is human nature to want to proclaim to the world that we have something great in the works. But what ends up happening is that you are making yourself look like a loser when you don’t deliver.
My advice to you is that you shut up and do the work. Finish that book and get it published. Have your website completed. Get booked on that show. And then, and only then make your announcement. That way we’ll be clapping for you- instead of laughing.

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